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Intimacy Coordinator

Lizzy Talbot is the founder and Director of Intimacy for Stage and Screen (formerly IDI-UK) - one of the first companies in the UK advocating for safe intimacy for the stage and screen. She has worked internationally across the UK, EU and the USA. Lizzy is also certified with Intimacy Director and Coordinator Professionals in the USA. Lizzy is one of the lead instructors in Intimacy Coordination and works professionally as an Intimacy Coordinator across various networks including HBO, Netflix, Starz, Britbox and others. You can see her work on Netflix’ Bridgerton. Her Intimacy Coordination credits can be found on IMDb by clicking on the button below.


“It was about making sure actors felt comfortable and leaving it up to them with however far they wanted to take it. We worked with Lizzy Talbot, an incredible intimacy coordinator, and her insights were invaluable. I’m so glad that this role is becoming more and more commonplace on sets.”

— Chris Van Dusen (Shondaland) Royal Television Society

“Dynevor chalks that feeling of safety up to Bridgerton’s status as a Shondaland series and the drama’s intimacy coordinator, Lizzy Talbot.”

Refinery 29

“Lizzy Talbot worked hard to ensure all the actors involved in the sex scenes felt comfortable.”

Jonathan Bailey

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